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Dear All in All It's Just;

Even though I was raised in the Pink Floyd early years, it was not until yesterday that I really came to appreciate their music. I had always loved a number of their compositions, but had only one of their albums - 'Dark Side of the Moon'.

A close friend invited me to your March 1st Victoria concert at Uvic (too many people missed this awesome performance). It was my first time to enjoy all of your members' talents, and I have to tell you, your music was so good, it made tears run down my cheeks. It was a Gift which I will treasure always....and for me - YOU are the original !

Rock on !!

Perry Woods, Victoria BC, a new fan.

Hi All,

Just want to say thank-you for a great concert Saturday night (Mar 1st). It was, without a doubt, one of the most uplifting performances I've seen - the sound, the light show, the vocals, the energy - all in all a truly happy experience.

I've been a fan of Pink Floyd since I was a kid, back in the seventies, listened to their albums almost daily, but regrettably never saw them live. Now, thanks to you, I feel like I have, twice (I saw your show at the MacPherson, back in 2006) and I have to say, there's nothing quite like listening to live Pink Floyd for three hours solid. Nothing.

So, thanks again for another unforgettable performance and for bringing the music of Pink Floyd back into my life. Way to go. I hope to see you again. And again.

Jo-Ann (Victoria, BC)

Hi folks!

Just got home from your concert in Trail... thank you so much for a great performance! I'm one of them older guys who listened to Pink Floyd back in the teen years and after and I have to say you guys really pull it off. Sound, presentation, skill and enthusiasm all there, all blended together sending me the listener into an insightful and inspirational experience. Kinda reminded me of the old acid days. Way to go!!

As a fellow musician I can really appreciate the work invested to get to where you are. Your work is a real contribution to the industry while doing justice to one of rocks most influential bands.

Once again... thanks for the ride. I just got to get a more powerful stereo now to crank up those tunes to the level of unforgetfulness you folks left in my brain.

Viva la music and life itself. We are blessed to be able to express ourselves!!

Keith, a Trail resident.

Hi all,

Just a quick message. I have loved loved loved Pink Floyd since I was a kid back in the 70"s and even in 2000 nothings changed, still love them. Made sure I went to the Tribute concert here and I was absolutely amazed and impressed on the performance. Like they say, Close your eyes and you would never know that you werent at the real Pink Floyd concert.

I loved it and I am totally impressed by all the band members, the vocals were out of this world and the music was undescribable, just takes you away and thats exactly what I have always loved about Pink Floyds music, it just takes you away and like Dan says, takes you to your happy place, well thats mine. Thanks for the greatest concert yet and keep up the amazing work, hope to see you all again soon.

Beverly, Cranbrook

Saw your concert last September and was at your concert again tonight.

Again I absolutely loved it. Heard some music you didn't play the last time around which is what I was hoping for and a nice change was playing the music in random order instead of chronologically. I even brought my 16 year old son with me this time as he is also a fan of Pink Floyd. One sad note was not seeing the same backup singers. Had a nice chat with Michelle last time.

Anyways thanks again for a great show.

Kelly, Vernon

To the members of All in All,

Hi my name is Kristen. I saw your show when I was visiting in Kelowna. I enjoyed it so much, that I sent you an email requesting that you come to Calgary, so I could share the experience with my husband (I believe the words I used were please, please, please). Well, we saw the show last night and to to use the words of hubby, "Wow! What an awsome show!" So, when are you coming back? We sincerly hope you do, but in the mean time, best wishes in all your future endevours.

Kristen, Calgary


I was at your show in Calgary... April 24th... and I must say... It kicked ass!

You all did an amazing job and I hope to see you again in the near future!

********* a special acknowledgment for the ladies: Great Gig in the Sky gave me goose bumps... it was spectacular!******


Amanda Warne, Calgary

Pink Floyd Tribute Review - Kelowna Community Theatre - January 24 2007
By Lori-Anne Charlton

Fans of the classic rock band Pink Floyd were treated to a three hour performance, covering nearly three decades of the group's best music, when tribute band All in All performed at the Kelowna Community Theatre Jan. 24. An audience of Floydians old and young sat rapt throughout the evening, frequently bobbing their heads or tapping their toes to the rhythm of some of their favourite songs.

All in All first performed in Kelowna in September, wowing their initially small audience with authentic sounding music and vocals. For their second appearance, headlining Kelowna's annual Snowfest event, word obviously got out about their quality of performance, as the concert was well attended.

The eight-member Vancouver-Island band formed in 2004 after director, producer, guitar player and vocalist Dan Hawes was asked repeatedly to "play some Pink Floyd!" when he was a member of another band. Joining Hawes is bass player and vocalist Dave Lyons, with Rick Bossom on keyboards, Robb Flannery on percussion, Mishka on percussion, acoustic guitar and vocals, Barry Polichek on guitar and keyboards, Rhonda Krabbe on saxophone and vocals, and Kelly Gough on vocals. Also part of the team is audio engineer Mike Suttcliffe and visual engineer Doug Supple.

While the music was enough to transport any fan back to the golden days of Pink Floyd with the driving drums, psychedelic keyboards and occasional scream of a guitar - the experience was heightened with the help of a big screen at the back of the stage, boasting a series of kaleidoscopic images. A smoke machine and a trance-enhancing light show also helped.

While the familiar songs, such as Another Brick in the Wall, got the biggest cheers, the band did not limit itself to the Pink Floyd's best-known pieces. Included in their play list were some lesser-known songs, including a country music infused one from off a film soundtrack. The others were a cross-section of harder rock and the quintessential Pink Floyd pieces that take listeners on a hypnotic journey.

Fittingly, the lighters (and a few cell phones) came out for a couple of songs that especially captured the mood, spirit and sound of Pink Floyd.

As the show wound down and the band bid farewell, the audience insisted on one more, with a standing ovation. Back on stage, All in All finished with Money, flashing signs on the screen with messages such as "You're awesome Kelowna," "Kelowna rocks" and "Thank you Kelowna." Judging by the applause at the end of the three-hour gig, the feeling was mutual.

Greetings all

We saw your concert in Kelowna and would love to catch any showings in the interior. Why not in Salmon Arm??

Great show!

Thanks, Randolph David

Hi Guys,

I just saw your show in Kelowna last Wednesday. What a great time we had. I saw Pink Floyd at Maple Leaf Gardens on the Dark Side Of The Moon tour, I think I was 22 at the time, it was great too, but give me the small venue anytime. Your sound guys did an amazing job.

We will be coming to see you in Vernon on the 20th of April. I will bring my two teenage daughters. They really like Pink Floyd and are both great sax players. It will be an experience they will not forget.

Thanks again for a great night, see you in Vernon.

Cheers, Steve

Hello there All In All its Just.

I`m impressed seeing this years show in Campbell River. You guys and gals have improved from last year without question.

Hawes on guitar: good to see the feelings you are putting into your playing and bending the chord for the unique sound of that from David Gilmore. Lyons on bass: this guy is so cool on that bass rif on "One Of These Days", likely one of the best pieces of music ever written.

The acoustics were much better, the echoes, voice fading, and can not forget the keyboardist. However, perhaps a little more bass, just a touch would be great. The gals were fabulous, the drummer and the other guitarist were also great. At the Sid Williams: has a better sounding theatre than the Tidemark and the bass will ring out more, I`m sure.

It`s been since 1975 in Vancouver, the only time I seen Pink Floyd in concert. My only question is, can you bark out "Us and Them"? Others I talk to want to hear more tunes off the album Animals.

See you at the Sid, Feb.12.

Yours, Kirk Williams.


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